May 21, 2015


Josh reading at home

My son Josh with one of his favourite books.

My son has a lot of books.
And I love that he loves books.
And I love reading him bedtime stories.
But even though we have a large collection of stories, I feel like I’ve read every book a hundred times. I loved the idea of providing my son with new and exciting books every month – books that would keep him engaged and entertained (and books that I wouldn’t mind reading over and over).

And so the idea for the Book Owl was born.

The Book Owl not only sends a special selection of books to your child, he also writes a personalised letter to engage your young one, and provides parents with tips on reading to their kids. The books are all individually wrapped, so opening each one is an adventure. As a parent you can choose to hand over all the books at once and have a mass book-opening party, or hand out the books when your kids are having an ‘I’m bored!’ moment.

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