Wondering what it’s like to get a Book Owl box?

Check out these reviews from some awesome bloggers:

Mandy and her gorgeous daughter Charly reviewed the Book Owl box and said: “The Book Owl and its phenomenal owner make me feel like my child is loved.”

Zoe from Born Geek reviewed the Book Owl box. She said “I particularly like that each book is individually wrapped; when Harley is a bit older, it will be great for her to experience so many books as presents to get excited about reading. Plus, I’ll have go-to presents for her throughout the month when I want to give her a reward or something on a bad day.”

Tanya from Rattle and Mum wrote:
“It’s called The Book Owl and it’s meant to get kids excited about books, though I’m excited too that it takes the guesswork out of choosing great kids’ titles, and adds a huge surprise element each month when a box arrives and you don’t yet know what’s in it.”
Read her review here.