The Benefits of Reading to Children

There are so many benefits of reading to your children. Studies show again and again that one of the best things you can do as a parent to prepare your children for school is to read to them. Just some of these benefits include:

– Reading to your child makes you bond with him, and this gives your child a sense of intimacy and well-being.

– It calms your child, and can create the right atmosphere for relaxing before bedtime.

– It promotes increased communication between you and your child.

– Preschool children who are exposed to language by hearing words that are read to him and in conversation tend to do well in school.

– It promotes longer attention span, which is an important skill for your kid to be able to concentrate.

– It builds listening skills and imagination.

– A study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science in January 2013 concluded that “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.”

– Books teach your child thinking skills early. When you read to your child, he learns to understand cause and effect, he learns to exercise logic, as well as think in abstract terms.

– Your child learns early that reading is fun and not a chore.

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