Reading to your kids: Tips for Toddlers

Studies show that exposing kids to language and reading gives them a social and educational advantages over their peers.

Here are some quick tips for reading to toddlers.

On the move

Ever try to read to a toddler and they just won’t sit still? This is perfectly normal. Most toddlers want to be up and about, hopping, spinning, dancing… but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Let your child bounce around the room – but keep reading.


What to read

Most children at this age love books featuring animals. If your child is particularly obsessed with something, try finding a book to match (say a book on trucks for a vehicle-obsessed toddler). Children love books with rhymes and songs.


Read it again

Read favourite stories again and again. Children love repetition and will develop favourite books that they’ll want to hear time and again.



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